Doesn’t your story deserve the bright lights?

Let Show & Tell Productions put your story front and center.

We create videos that connect, educate, and inspire.

Our clients range from lawyers to cookie makers to life coaches to authors. We’ve filmed book trailers, in-person conference, behind-the-scenes, multi-part launch series, and about videos.

As long as there’s a story, we can help you share it!

Our approach is unique because we come from the mantra:

Story first.

You’re not just hiring a videographer, you’re hiring a video production team. There will be a script, a storyboard, a shot list. You’ll have a director with experience in front and behind the camera, a camera team and a feature film editor. We deliver your professional and polished video from start to finish.  Whether we’re creating a 30-second commercial spot or a 30-minute training video, the end result is always about substance and style over flash and gimmicks.

These HD movies are filmed on location and provide your message, brand, and product with a stunning visual story.

Want to know how the process works from start to finish? Here ya go!

Take a peek at this Mini Movie for Butter + Love:

From the pre-shoot interview to the filming itself, Monica’s questions were insightful, helpful, and encouraging – especially in helping me focus my thoughts about my company, how I wanted it to be conveyed, and about what I was hoping to get out of this mini-movie. As a small business owner, my brain is full to the brim with a million-and-one things to be done, so having her artfully coach me through the process was incredibly useful, even with my background in acting! I felt like I was telling the story of Butter + Love to a friend, which made interview portion a pleasure. She also made sure my hair wasn’t sticking up awkwardly and my lipstick wasn’t smeared – seriously, Thank God for Monica! ~Alison Walla, Founder & Baker of Butter + Love


Or this introduction from Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts to her 5-part video email series:

What struck me most about Monica and her team was not just their professionalism, but their ability to make me feel like my best self on camera. Throughout the shoot, I knew I was in great hands. Monica clearly knows what its like to be on both sides of the camera: From organizing the shot list, to making script adjustments, to astutely and energetically directing my performance, to overseeing the editing process to tell the best story possible, she transformed the words on the page into video magic that I couldn’t wait to share with my treasured community.

~Mama Gena, Founder of Mama Gena’s School Of Womanly Arts


Or this trailer for the new Traveler’s Handbooks series



Big Love


We happen to think our clients are pretty neat. And we feel honored that they share our feelings. Here’s a taste of what a few of them have to say about Show & Tell Productions:

I absolutely adored working with Monica and her team to create my Show & Tell video. They made it so easy, and fun! I showed up to the studio where everything was set up, ready to go. Monica prepped me with some great questions to get the juices flowing and then prompted me with questions while we were filming. It was fun to talk about my business, what inspires me, and tell a little of my story. Two weeks later, I had a professionally edited and complete video that I am so proud to display on my website…and everywhere!  Every entrepreneur, business owner, speaker, actor, (or anyone really!) should have several of these videos done. They make it so easy and the quality is top-notch. I know I will be going back for more soon! ~Kendra Coppey Fitzgerald, Health & Wellness Warrior


The video that I filmed on a Flip cam in my living room (& has been on my site for 2+ years!) wasn’t cutting it anymore (let’s face it – it probably wasn’t cutting it to begin with), and I knew that Monica would ensure I got a high-quality, professional, edited piece.
Well, I got that – and more. In spades. The questions she asked me for the cameras made me delve into my business and my story like I never had before. That was priceless, and led to a sense of comfort – and great answers! – in front of the camera.
Show & Tell turned around a 3 minute video that made me look like everything but. Monica and Jason totally interpreted what I wanted into a video I can’t wait to put front & center on my website. They’re gonna help me trick everything into thinking I’m uber-professional! I have the before and after post to prove it
~Michelle Ward, Creative Career Coaching Rockstar

Monica McCarthy’s Show & Tell Stories helped me transform my personal story, business message and goals into pure video magic. Although I was in front of a few cameras and a ton of bright lights, Monica’s presence was amazingly reassuring. She asks poignant questions, she’s amazing to talk to and she invites all the right things to be said so her team can transform your story and business ideas into a concise tool for converting new web visitors and potential clients into customers. In an attention-deficit world, Show & Tell Stories is a total gold mine.
~Dave Ursillo, Leadership Ninja